Witchlight, not to be confused with the novel of the same name, is an ability developed by witches with the rise of The Old Powers. It manifested as energy in the form of colored flames that can be used as an attack technique.

Witchlight comes in a variety of colors such as amber and orange, but the spectrum and strength of such colors are unknown. The only kind of witchlight unavailable to witches is The Wild Powers' blue fire.



  • While confronting Azhdeha and two vampire thugs, Winnie scared them off with a demonstration of witchlight.
  • Toby and Winnie successfully fought dark ninjas off with witchlight.
  • Iliana Dominick recited an incantation invoking Hecate Witch-Queen to call witchlight, which soon manifested as blue fire that vanquished the dragon Azhdeha.


While witchlight can be summoned through will power alone, Iliana was able to call witchlight with an incantation though Hecate Witch-Queen. This kind of witchlight was described as "golden-orange fire" by Raksha Keller, implying that it was a stronger form of regular witchlight.

Azhdeha! Hashteher! Tiamat!
Poisonous Serpent! Cold-blooded Biter! Rastaban! Anguis!
I am a witch and the daughter of a witch.
Mine was the hand that took your power;
Mine was the hand that buried you in silence.
Hecate was the most ancient of my mothers.
Hecate's hand is my hand now.
Mine is the hand that sends you back!
Mine is the power of the ages!
Mine is the power OF THE END OF THE WORLD!

Notable UsersEdit


  • Power is a branch of witchlight.
  • Witchlight has a variety of names including witch power, witch fire and orange fire.