Biographical Information
  • 20th Century
  • Alive
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

"You're a vampire lover. I could tell from the beginning. I don't know, maybe you're one of those damned Daybreakers who wants us all to get along, but you're not on our side."

— Vicky to Rashel

Vicky is a minor character in The Chosen. She is a vampire hunter and the new second-in-command of the Lancers. She is about seventeen years old.

Background Edit

Vicky was presumably born and grew up on the south shore. She attended a "fancy prep school" growing up and it is only in recent years that she got into the vampire hunting business, presumably after discovering the existence of the Night World. Vicky is fond of torture and gained some notoriety in the Night World torturing and killing vampires, who were found along the south shore with wooden handcuffs around their wrists. She also knew about Circle Daybreak, though she did not think much of them and despised their attempts to unite humans and Night People. She had also heard about another infamous vampire hunter, the Cat. Recently, she moved to Boston to join the Lancers and became the second-command.

The Chosen Edit

Vicky leads an expedition to find missing girls, believed to have been kidnapped by vampires. In her party are Rashel Jordan, Nyala, and Steve, a quiet boy who doesn't talk often. Vicky takes an instant dislike to Rashel, even after discovering she is the Cat. Her dislike of Rashel intensifies after she releases John Quinn, whom Vicky had captured and intended to torture. When Rashel later calls the Lancers to try and enlist their help in infiltrating a club named the Crypt - from where the missing girls were being abducted by vampires - it was Vicky who answered the phone. Vicky is none too pleased to hear from Rashel and refuses to help, ignoring Rashel's vital information. Vicky does not reappear in the story, though Rashel mentions her at the end of the novel, considering tracking Vicky down one day and convincing her to join Circle Daybreak, along with the rest of the Lancers.

Physical Appearance Edit

Vicky is described as being about Rashel's age, with long brown hair and pale blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Vicky is depicted as being a suspicious, no-nonsense girl. She likes to be in charge and doesn't like to be showed up or disrespected. She is also somewhat arrogant. Vicky appears to hunt vampires mostly because she enjoys killing them, more so than from a desire to protect humans or out of revenge, though she does appear to have some compassion for people. Vicky is quite sadistic, enjoying the idea of torturing vampires not just for information, but also fun. She sees no problem with this, viewing it as justified, as she is making "them suffer the way they make our people suffer" and believing that "a quick death's too good for them". Obviously, she also has a deep hatred of vampires and anyone who sympathizes with them.

Trivia Edit

  • On page 188 of The Chosen in the 2009 bind-up edition, Vicky's name is mispelt 'Vicki' twice.

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