• I live in North America (USA)
  • I was born on February 25
  • I am Female

Introspection, by the artist Michael Whelan

Hey, cool, my own user page. *shines it up* ^_^

Basically just a person, making a way through life ^_^ Have a tendency to get bribed with sweets, pet stray animals, stare at strange art and attack random leaf-piles.

Been reading the Night World series ever since The Chosen first came out (so basically since sixth grade). Loved the supernatural and adventurous aspect of the series, and thus I am here. ^_^

Favorite Night World BooksEdit

Favorite CharactersEdit

Female: It's a three-way tie for first between Gillian Lennox, Aradia and Lupe Acevedo, with Grandma Harman as a close second.

Male: Ash Redfern (this character is way too likeable to resist), Gary Fargeon, Thierry Descouedres, Morgead Blackthorn, and Delos Redfern.

Favorite CouplesEdit

  • Gillian and David
  • Rashel and Quinn (hog-tied and unconscious XD)
  • Thierry and Hannah
  • Maggie and Delos
  • Galen and Keller
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