Rach singer95

aka kim

ELDER Founder
  • I live in cali
  • I was born on January 13
  • My occupation is PacSun Cashier
  • I am female
Rach singer95

Hey, everyone! I'm Racheal! I'm a Creative Writing Major with a minor in French and a part-time Librarian. I'm also a Daisy Girl Scout Leader and theatre junkie.

My Favorties!Edit

Favorite Stories: Spellbinder, Soulmate, Black Dawn

Favorite Couples: Thea and Eric, Maggie and Delos, Poppy and James

Favorite Characters: Aradia, Grandma Harman, Ash

As a fellow North Carolinian, I feel a connection to Illiana as well.

Other StuffEdit

If I were a part of the Night World I would want to be a witch. I feel like they have the most freedom and the witches are my favorite characters.

Many people assume that, if I'm a creative writing major, I want to write books. This is not true. I love writing my own stories, but I want to write for television. Maybe even adapt Night World into a sucessful program!

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