Biographical Information
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Unknown
Killed By
  • Unknown
Physical Information
  • Male
Relationship Information
  • Unknown
Significant Others

Tormentil Redfern is the only child and only son of the lamia vampire and renegade Chervil Redfern, grandson of Hunter Redfern, and the former ruler of the Nightworld Dark Kingdom. He is also the father of Prince Delos Redfern, who succeeds him after Tormentil's death. He only appears in Black Dawn as part of Delos's memories.


According to Maggie Neely, Delos's soulmate, Tormentil is described as very closely resembling his grandfather, Hunter Redfern (Maggic herself mistakes Hunter for Tormentil initially), and is stated to have "blood-red hair" and yellow eyes, as well as a "chilly, austere face", with a kind of regal bearing that is only enhanced when he is referred to as "Majesty".


Judging from both Maggie's assessment and Delos's childhood memories, Tormentil is a very cold, ambitious man and ruler. He shows no compassion or concern for any, including Delos and his own advisors, one of whom he orders a young Delos to kill after the noble, Delos's own tutor, questioned the king regarding the use of Delos's blue fire and demonstrated concern for Delos, whose arm is injured each time the blue fire is activated. Tormentil furthermore appears to be mercurial in temper, his rage rapidly dissipating when his orders are carried out to his liking.


Tormentil is only ever shown interacting with his son and heir, Prince Delos, yet their relationship is one of dominance, cruelty and intimidation, with Tormentil repeatedly victimizing his own son. He only views Delos in the capacity of a weapon he can use to maintain the Dark Kingdom, with no regard to Delos's own feelings on the matter. His only form of encouragement to Delos is insults and even physical force to goad the prince into using the blue fire on Tormentil's command. Additionally, he authorized his nobles to find a way to contain Delos's power so that the king alone could command it, as opposed to Delos himself, leading to the creation of an enchanted arm brace that seals the Wild Power, which Delos is unable to remove on his own.


  • Tormentil gains his name from a flower, the tormentil, alternately known as the cinquefoil flower. The plant is noted for having a very bitter flavor, as well as its properties as an astringent. Like the madder plant, it also produces a signature red dye.