A love that spans the ages ...
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  • Sanjulian (first edition)
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  • Pocket Books (first edition)
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  • April 1997 (first edition)
  • 208 (first edition)
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Soulmate is the sixth book in the Night World series by bestselling author L. J. Smith. It was first published on April 1997.


Eternal Love

Hannah Snow's life was so together. Friends, terrific grades, dreams of a career in paleontology Everything was perfect . . . until the notes started appearing. Notes in her own handwriting, warning of the danger that was coming. Dead Before Seventeen.

The psychiatrist was supposed to help. But what came out of the age regressions were memories of another time, another life. And of a stranger who tore her world apart . . . a vampire who killed a village in his rage. Until, in the eyes of a dying human girl, he recognized his soulmate.

Now the stranger is back. He has searched for Hannah throughout the years, trying to make amends. Now he is Thierry, the Lord of the Night World -- and nothing in heaven or hell will keep him from his soulmate again. But if her destiny is death, can even Thierry's love protect her?


Hannah Snow has been having nightmares and keeps finding notes written in her own handwriting, warning her that she is in danger and will die before her seventeenth birthday.

Worried about her sanity, she begins hypnosis with a psychologist, Paul Winfield, going back through time and reliving her past lives, connecting to each of them and discovering that her soulmate is Thierry Descouedres, a vampire and a Lord of the Night World.

Thierry and his enemy Maya have found Hannah, and Hannah's life is at stake because Maya wants Thierry for herself. Maya was the person who made Thierry into a vampire.

Thierry was the first made vampire, and Maya was a witch but wanted to be immortal, so she turned herself into a vampire by using a spell and drinking the blood of four babies. At first Hannah thinks that Thierry was the one who killed her in her past lives, but it was actually Maya in an illusion, disguising herself as Thierry.

Hannah goes to his house and meets the other members of Circle Daybreak, a group of humans, vampires, werewolves, witches, and shapeshifters, all of whom are hoping for peace between Night World and the human race.

Hannah is captured by Maya, who attempts to turn Hannah into a vampire so that when she kills Hannah, her cycle of reincarnation will end because she will no longer have a soul. Instead, Hannah manages to kill Maya. Hannah decides to remain human and live her life until death, after which Thierry will wait for her to return again.


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