Opal Burdock
Biographical Information
  • Aunt Opal (by Ash, Jade, Kestrel and Rowan)
  • Mrs Burdock
  • Mrs B (by Mary-Lynette)
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Staked
Killed By
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
  • Unknown
Significant Others
  • Unknown

Opal Burdock (nee Redfern), also called Mrs Burdock or simply Mrs B, was the great-aunt of Ash, Rowan, Kestrel, and Jade Redfern, and a lamia vampire who resided in Briar Creek, Oregon. Opal was also once a neighbor and friend of Mary-Lynette Carter, who often went to help the older lady feed and milk her goats, which Opal used as a source of blood.

History Edit

In the past, Opal had been married to Hodge Burdock, another lamia vampire. However, Hodge faced a trial and particularly horrifying execution at the hands of the Night World Council for breaking one of the cardinal rules of the Night World: Hodge had told a human of the Night World's existence. Consequently, Opal fled the Night World and began living in Briar Creek; she later encouraged her niece, Rowan, to secretly come and live with her, along with Kestrel and Jade.

Prior to the arrival of the Redfern sisters, she was staked by Jeremy Lovett, a werewolf and resident of Briar Creek who was against Opal's nieces coming to live with her, as Jeremy feared this would drastically reduce his hunting territory. When Opal would not listen, in anger Jeremy shoved a wooden fence picket through her heart and left her mummified corpse in the basement of her home, where it was later discovered by Jade Redfern.

The mystery of Opal's murder and who was responsible was a major plot point in Daughters of Darkness.


  • On the family tree posted by L.J. Smith, Opal and Hodge's son is named River Redfern. This is not correct, as with the lamia patriarchy, River's surname should be Burdock.
  • The stone opal is a silica compound in nature; it is not classified as a mineral proper due to its amorphous quality. Throughout the centuries, opals were used as protective talismans and charms to enhance beauty, and were reputed to be able to grant its owner invisibility. However, recently, the stone has gained a reputation for being unlucky, except for those born in October (as opals are the birthstone for that month).