Maeve Harman
Biographical Information
  • 16th Century
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Unknown
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information

I know a witch who will do the spell. She's their mother.
Hunter Redfern about Maeve [1]

Maeve Harman was a 16th-century witch and leader of the Harman clan during that time period. To finally end the Night Wars, Maeve agreed to a truce and blood-tie ceremony with the lamia patriarch, Hunter Redfern.

Ultimately, despite neither being compatible with the other, the two married, with Hunter hoping to sire sons and legitimate lamia heirs on Maeve. However, to his great disappointment, he and Maeve only produced four daughters.

The first 3 (Garnet, Lily and Dove) were all born lamia, while the youngest, Roseclear, was born a witch, the heir of the Harmans. At a young age, Roseclear was taken from her father and trained in witchcraft, as Maeve did not want Hunter near her. John Quinn, Hunter's adopted heir, notes that Maeve disliked Hunter, although she loved her children enough to enchant a Night World enclave for the safety of Garnet and Lily after the tragic death of Dove. 

Aside from this, not much else is known about Maeve, although it is likely that she had the typical characteristics of the Harman women (silvery-blond hair and violet eyes). Additionally, villagers in 16th century Boston had suspected Maeve's true nature as a witch, although Quinn mentions that in fairness, people would say things like that "if you smiled in church".

Night World: The Ultimate Fan GuideEdit

The mother of Hunter Redfern's daughters, Lily, Garnet, Dove, and Roseclear, Maeve casts the protective spell on the haven that Hunter creates for vampires. Her spell staves off human interference, protecting the Night World residents from discovery. Maeve is not fond of Hunter, despite their blood-tie, and raises their youngest daughter as a witch far from the enclave.


  • Maeve was the last "pure" witch in the Harman Family before the blood-tie ceremony with Hunter Redfern.
  • Maeve may have been the first witch Elder when the Night World was established as an organization. This could mean she was one of the original members of the Inner Circle, as well as the first Mother and Crone of the witches.
  • The name Maeve is an Anglicanization of the Irish name Medb, which means "intoxicating one". In Irish legend, Medb was a notorius queen of Connacht, who began a war with her husband over the fact that he was richer than her due to having a single bull more than she did in his herd. She often didn't get along well with the men she married or took as lovers. This is fitting, seeing Maeve Harman's own marital discord with her husband Hunter. Maeve is also an alternate name for Mab, a legendary fairy queen.  



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