The Harman-Redfern Family Tree, or Hecate Witch-Queen's Family Tree, is a family tree listing the descendants of Hecate Witch-Queen, the Redfern and Harman families. It was created by L.J. Smith, with assistance from Usok Choe, to accurately map out the descendants of both families. While the family tree can be useful in keeping track of the two rather large and complicated families, as well as filling in gaps in the novels as to the names or identities of certain members, it should be noted that the tree does contain information that appears to contradict other pieces of information appearing in Night World: The Ultimate Fan Guide and the novels themselves.

Link to the family tree on L.J. Smith's website:

Family tree discrepancies and errors Edit

  • The family tree states that Iliana Dominick is a witch through her father Owen, who on the family tree is listed as a descendent of Emmeth Harman. Her mother is named Anya Verushka on the tree. However, in the novels, Iliana is stated as being descended from Elspeth Harman and of gaining her witch heritage from her mother, who is named Anna and described as having Harman features. Iliana is also stated as being a 'true' Harman, as amongst witches, lineage is passed down through the women. If Iliana was descended from Emmeth or gained her heritage through her father, then she would not technically be counted as a Harman. 
  • Gisele is stated as being a Harman descended from Elspeth. However, Gisele is never mentioned in the novels to be a Harman and lacks the typical features of the Harmans. Also, if she were descended from Elspeth, she'd be regarded as a lost witch and until Circle Daybreak found Gary Fargeon and Gillian Lennox, it was not known that Emmeth and Elspeth had survived after going missing; it is explicitly stated in Spellbinder that Thea and Blaise are believed to be the last generation of Hearth-Women. Also, given the issues mentioned above regarding Elspeth's descendents, Gisele's relative Mary Kennedy (Harman) should technically be the mother of Anna Dominick, who is described as the granddaughter of Elspeth. 
  • Aradia Crowley is stated as being the adopted daughter of Selena Harman, but strangely doesn't have the surname Harman. It is also not mentioned anywhere in the novels that she is regarded as being one of the Harmans, only that she is Maiden of the Witches
  • The family tree states that Maya's surname is Dragonslayer but she is never called this in the novels. In Witchlight, Galen says her name was Hearth-Woman, the same as her twin sister. A possible explanation is that Maya originally went by the surname Hearth-Woman, whilst Dragonslayer was a title (a popular theory being that she fought in the war between the witches and dragons and killed at least one dragon) and that she used the names interchangeably; she perhaps began exclusively using Dragonslayer after becoming a vampire and turning her back on the witches. 
  • The tree states that Brook and Bracken Redfern are the sons of River Redfern, the son of Opal and Hodge Burdock. However, because if the patriarchal practices of Lamia, this would mean that River's surname should be Burdock and that his sons' surnames should also be Burdock. It would also mean they - and Brook's daughter Jezebel - would be considered Burdocks rather than Redferns, but in the novels, Jez's surname is Redfern and all three are explicitly stated as being Redferns. 
  • Bracken is stated as having a wife, Dulse Sheldrake, but she is never mentioned in Huntress or any of the other novels. A possible explanation is that Dulse died or she and Bracken are divorced. 
  • The tree states that Lily Redfern is Hunter's eldest daughter, but the novels state that Garnet was the eldest and Lily was the second eldest. 
  • Chervil Redfern is the only son of Hunter Redfern, but is not listed as his son on the tree. (This was possibly due to lack of space, as there may not have been room to list Hunter's descendents through Chervil and his descendents through Garnet and Roseclear in the same place).
  • No mention is made of Chervil's wife (the mother of Tormentil), though this may be less of an error and more of an oversight.
  • The family tree only mentions Garnet and Fletcher Marsh having a son, Griffin, but in the novels they are stated as having "children", suggesting multiple off-spring. 
  • The family tree implies that Sylvia Weald and her father, Grandin Harman, are lost witches, but the novel Black Dawn gives no indication of this. The fact that Sylvia derogatorily refers to the lost Harmans who have joined the Hearth-Women as "half-human" wouldn't make much sense if Sylvia were herself half human. Also, if Sylvia's father were a lost witch who believed himself human, whilst her mother was human, it would stand to reason that he would've passed his surname down to Sylvia, who would then legally be called Sylvia Harman, not Weald.  
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