Biographical Information
  • Deceased
Cause of Death
  • Natural Causes (presumably)
Physical Information
  • Female
Relationship Information
  • Unknown

Elspeth Harman was a witch,  the younger sister of Edgith "Grandma" Harman, and the twin sister of Emmeth Harman. Though American-born, she was separated from the family in the mid to late 1910s, considered dead by her remaining relatives, and became a lost witch. She eventually was brought to England with her brother, and the two lost their connection to the Night World, although their Harman blood remained strong and was passed down to their offspring. Several Harmans of the series who were their descendants were also lost witches, who were either found and reunited with their family, or stumbled upon their heritage by accident, although still others never learned of their true heritage.

In the series, she is mentioned first by her great-granddaughter, Gillian Lennox, who had remembered the old woman giving her a black camisole for a past Christmas gift, which Gillian had hidden in her closet. Recalling her great-grandmother as "an old lady[...]with white hair and white glasses", residing in England with a small dog, the girl is shocked to learn Elspeth had in fact been a lost witch.

She is also remembered by Iliana Dominick, another great-granddaughter. Iliana recalls that Elspeth had been said to have been so beautiful, "a prince fell in love with her". Iliana's mother and grandmother, Anna and Mary, are also descended from Elspeth. 


  • Elspeth's name is a Scottish variant of the name Elizabeth, which means "God is My Oath" or "Chosen by God". Should the witch species's polytheism encompass the Judeo-Christian God, then Elspeth's name would be a traditional witch name.
  • Like her siblings, Elspeth's name starts with the letter "e" and ends with "th".